The Difference between Snoring Mouth Guards and Mouthpieces

snoring-drawingMedical technologists have advanced their field for thousands of years, even to unimaginable extents of tools and devices. Medical equipment, devices, and other related inventions have been created and manufactured to improve human life, even for aspects considered unimportant for basic survival or prolonging life expectancy. But also thanks to medical advancement, common human conditions are now proved to be signs of more severe dangers to human life.

Snoring is deemed as a common human condition, and it can to anybody especially adults and overworked people. Snoring could be a sign of a minor sleeping posture problem, but also a major cardiovascular-related disease. Fortunately, science has come up with anti-snoring devices that can be easily used and immediately effective. But when it comes to solving the snorer’s problem, he or she should be adequately knowledgeable the different types of anti-snoring devices. There are a lot of technical terms that can be discussed in this field, but the common types of devices used by snorers are snoring mouth guards and mouthpieces.

Knowing the similar and different qualities of snoring mouth guards and mouthpieces is very important, especially when you are planning to buy one yourself. Here is a quick explanation of these similarities and differences.



  • The snoring mouthpiece and mouth guard are both classified as a mandibular advancement device or MAD. A mandibular advancement device is one which improves the positioning of human jaws.
  • The manufacturing of snoring mouthpieces and mouth guards both require custom fitting. However, there are some online medical shops which offer one size fits all products.
  • The adjustability options for the snoring mouthpiece and mouth guard are usually similar. It could be said that these were engineered as sister devices.
  • The application of the snoring mouthpiece and mouth guard is basically the same.



  • Snoring mouthpieces are more specifically used for treating obstructive sleep apnea or OSA. Obstructive sleep apnea is a specific type of sleep apnea that is about throat tissues and muscles relaxing too much thus resulting to a constricted air passageway. This causes the person to stop breathing while sleeping and is considered to be fatal if ignored for a long time.
  • Snoring mouth guards on the other hand are used to treat snoring problems coming from minor causes such as a poor lifestyle and natural body build.
  • A snoring mouthpiece is only obtainable with the presentation of a prescription from a credible doctor or a specialist. This is mainly because of the seriousness of its main function against obstructive sleep apnea. People who want to use one but do not need the device should go against this action because it can only endanger the user’s life.
  • A snoring mouth guard is much cheaper than a mouthpiece. Because of snoring mouthpiece’s specificity on OSA, it can cost more than a thousand dollars, while a mouth guard can be bought for as low as fifty dollars.
  • Snoring mouth guards are recommended for use with the span of six months to two years.
  • Snoring mouthpieces can be used for many years because these are usually composed of acrylic resins.