Overall Zyppah Review: Super Worth It

I am seriously thankful to the Zyppah snoring mouth guard—it is inexpensive but so effective! There are many zyppah reviews that are negative towards this device, but I’m about to negate them all.

I am a college student taking up a degree on Communication Arts. I am required to socialize with a lot of people, do heavy legwork to look for news and other information, and go to different places just to obtain what I need for class requirements, especially during internship. Due to these requirements, I have often slept and napped in classmates’ houses, restaurants, parks, cafés, or even in the streets where it’s relatively safe. After these sleeps and naps, I often wake up with my friends or some nearby people laughing at my snoring condition. I always snore while sleeping, and it is definitely loud snoring. I have always known about this since high school when my mom told me about it. She said that she could hear me snoring even from twenty feet away.

Because of this embarrassment, I consulted a doctor about it as soon as I could have free time. If only my mom could accompany me to the doctor, but I have to be a responsible adult now so I should this perfectly by myself. I felt kind of nervous when I entered the doctor’s office. The information I read about snoring on the Internet was a little bit disturbing and I was afraid that I could be having obstructive sleep apnea. The doctor asked me about my problem, and about my sleeping habits and usual sleeping experiences. He also took a record of my vital signs and then carefully reviewed all the information he got from me. When he talked to me again, he told me that it was just a minor snoring problem, and that he would recommend a snoring mouth guard for my snoring. I was a bit confused about what that is so he explained that to me. I asked him if he had recommended brands to tell me, so he told me some and mentioned Zyppah.


When I got back home, I researched on the names he told me and found out that Zyppah was the best type of mouth guard based on the user reviews. It seemed that a lot of people have used the mouth guard type already, and it did not cost a lot of money. That was a good thing for me because I have a limited allowance for each month, and the cost of living for a college senior is high. Immediately I bought the Zyppah mouth guard and used it as soon as I could. I made sure that a classmate or people were nearby when I slept. After the first sleep with the device, no one ever laughed at me again about my snoring. My friends were quite surprised too since it was a miracle that I was not snoring anymore. They got interested with the mouth guard and asked me where I bought it and where I found out about it. Apparently, someone in their families was also a snorer and wanted to suggest the mouth guard. It looks like in the end, I became an anti-snoring hero for my friends, but I guess I have to thank Zyppah for that.