The Difference between Snoring Mouth Guards and Mouthpieces

snoring-drawingMedical technologists have advanced their field for thousands of years, even to unimaginable extents of tools and devices. Medical equipment, devices, and other related inventions have been created and manufactured to improve human life, even for aspects considered unimportant for basic survival or prolonging life expectancy. But also thanks to medical advancement, common human conditions are now proved to be signs of more severe dangers to human life.

Snoring is deemed as a common human condition, and it can to anybody especially adults and overworked people. Snoring could be a sign of a minor sleeping posture problem, but also a major cardiovascular-related disease. Fortunately, science has come up with anti-snoring devices that can be easily used and immediately effective. But when it comes to solving the snorer’s problem, he or she should be adequately knowledgeable the different types of anti-snoring devices. There are a lot of technical terms that can be discussed in this field, but the common types of devices used by snorers are snoring mouth guards and mouthpieces.

Knowing the similar and different qualities of snoring mouth guards and mouthpieces is very important, especially when you are planning to buy one yourself. Here is a quick explanation of these similarities and differences.



  • The snoring mouthpiece and mouth guard are both classified as a mandibular advancement device or MAD. A mandibular advancement device is one which improves the positioning of human jaws.
  • The manufacturing of snoring mouthpieces and mouth guards both require custom fitting. However, there are some online medical shops which offer one size fits all products.
  • The adjustability options for the snoring mouthpiece and mouth guard are usually similar. It could be said that these were engineered as sister devices.
  • The application of the snoring mouthpiece and mouth guard is basically the same.



  • Snoring mouthpieces are more specifically used for treating obstructive sleep apnea or OSA. Obstructive sleep apnea is a specific type of sleep apnea that is about throat tissues and muscles relaxing too much thus resulting to a constricted air passageway. This causes the person to stop breathing while sleeping and is considered to be fatal if ignored for a long time.
  • Snoring mouth guards on the other hand are used to treat snoring problems coming from minor causes such as a poor lifestyle and natural body build.
  • A snoring mouthpiece is only obtainable with the presentation of a prescription from a credible doctor or a specialist. This is mainly because of the seriousness of its main function against obstructive sleep apnea. People who want to use one but do not need the device should go against this action because it can only endanger the user’s life.
  • A snoring mouth guard is much cheaper than a mouthpiece. Because of snoring mouthpiece’s specificity on OSA, it can cost more than a thousand dollars, while a mouth guard can be bought for as low as fifty dollars.
  • Snoring mouth guards are recommended for use with the span of six months to two years.
  • Snoring mouthpieces can be used for many years because these are usually composed of acrylic resins.

The Benefits of Anti-snoring Devices


About half of the entire world population have experienced snoring, but only a handful would try to do something about the sleeping problem. Snoring is deemed as a very normal condition, and not all people are sensitive to loud noises at night. If the snoring gets too loud for the person, he or she just isolates him or herself from others so there would be no to little sleep disturbance. This is an effective way to prevent others to not be disturbed, but it does not solve the root cause of the snoring. In addition, the snorer dismisses the fact that he or she can be woken up by his or her own snoring, so this person will be sleep-deprived. In line with this, the snorer should opt for anti-snoring devices. Here is how the snoring person can be benefited by using these anti-snoring devices:


  1. Anti-snoring devices make sleeping comfortable and convenient.

               Instead of just switching sleeping rooms or isolating one’s self from other people, the snorer can just use anti-snoring devices that fit his or her condition. The use of credible anti-snoring devices is proven effective. To add to this, sleeping can be a lot better than the person’s usual experience. The anti-snoring device works to stop the snoring with minimal disturbance to regular life as much as possible.


  1. They can also improve the person’s health.

Some anti-snoring devices are proven to improve some aspects of the user’s health. Snoring can induce cardiovascular problems, and at some cases a heart attack or a stroke. Using anti-snoring devices can prevent this from happening. Also, some devices improve the person’s resistance against allergies, and improve the person’s REM stage of sleeping. A person who has a good dose of REM sleep is more likely to wake up less tired and more energized.


  1. They usually don’t cost a lot of money.

A person who  has a tight budget does not need to worry about the anti-snoring device cost. Some choices for an anti-snoring device require a small budget. To double the thriftiness, the user must observe care and maintenance for the device to ensure that its usage will last.


  1. They take out the option of surgery or other extreme solutions.

               The majority of snorers or sleep apnea patients do not like the idea of surgery because of its dangers and cost. This is why anti-snoring devices were engineered to avoid opting for expensive surgeries. The patience and care for anti-snoring devices is far lighter than that of undergoing major surgeries. If a snorer does not want to use intrusive kinds of anti-snoring devices, there are still more comfortable options for him or her.


  1. There are many shops and companies fully accredited for manufacturing and marketing.

There will be no problem in finding credible manufacturers of anti-snoring devices because there is already a nice number of them readily available for your needs. Anti-snoring devices are made by licensed and/or authorized dentists, medical technologists, and similar professionals in the medical industry, so there are no problems in finding safe anti-snoring devices.

Is Snoring Really Harmful for your Health?

Snoring is more than a small inconvenience for some.When disregarded, snoring can end up being damaging to your health.Just like water, shelter and food, sleep is important for us to live.Without sleep, we can not survive.Inadequate sleep compromises your total wellness, resulting in a host of undesirable health conditions.

Regular snorers are at threat for evident illness such as obstructive sleep apnea.Ongoing apnea results in more health problems.Unfortunately, when you fail to resolve snoring, you might be intensifying your health threats.

“Take Snoring To Heart”

snoring preventionSnoring and relevant sleep apnea raises the danger of stroke and heart failure.While the majority of people understand cigarette smoking and high cholesterol boost cardiovascular threat, less acknowledge snoring as a culprit.According to Melvyn Rubenfire, M.D., University of Michigan University hospital System Cardiovascular Center director of Preventative Cardiology,”Sleep apnea or rest disordered breathing is one that we’re getting a growing number of thinking about due to the fact that we see an extremely strong association with strokes, cardiovascular disease and other cardiovascular issues.”.

Ruben fire states about sleep apnea,”Exactly what we do understand is if you deal with individuals with obstructive sleep apnea the danger of heart disease enhances dramatically.There are outstanding gadgets, called CPAP,. these are masks that avoid you from blocking by producing some pressure.” Simple mouthguards can treat snoring in some cases, read reviews online to find a good device – Zyppah stop snoring mouthguard review is a place to start.

Treatment of snoring and rest apnea is basic and effective.Failing to obtain essential treatment can suggest an enhanced threat of heart issues such as hypertension, which might cause a stroke.In 2000, the Journal of the American College of Cardiology discovered females who snore routinely had around two times the threat of cardiac arrest than those who do not snore.

Snoring and Water Retention.

Neglected snoring and apnea results in enhanced heart risks.This cardiac arrest can cause water retention.Sufferers might have water accumulation in the back of the throat, triggering breathing troubles and even worse snoring.Excess water can likewise be kept in the legs and lungs.Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water day-to-day assists to eliminate excess water. Avoiding salt lessens water retention.A health care specialist can likewise encourage clients about getting rid of water retention.

Awakening from Sleep.

Snoring and associated sleep apnea awakens victims often times throughout the night.This cut off sleep causes sleepiness throughout the day.Sufferers may awaken sensation not rested.During the day, patients might go to sleep or enter mishaps when driving or making use of mechanical equipment.This is especially dangerous for individuals who depend upon driving or making use of devices for their task.

With time, an absence of sleep can result in continuous light sleep or insomnia.Sleep is not an alternative and individuals rapidly discover it is necessary to operate throughout the day.We have to have adequate sleep for our body to operate properly.People who do not get adequate sleep might end up being depressed, tired, frustrated.the and worried quality of your life is impacted by continuous snoring.

Snoring and Social Issues.

Besides physical dangers, snoring can trigger social problems.Your snoring impacts other people.If you snore loudly, your whole household may be awakened throughout the night.This triggers everybody to feel tired out the next day.

Your partner might establish sleep issues due to the fact that you have actually them.When your snoring is a consistent interruption, your partner might begin to feel exhausted, upset, resentful or depressed.It can put a rift in your relationship when you do not attend to a snoring issue.